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Industrial Common Hazardous Waste Management Facility

SEPPL is a pioneer in developing Integrated Common Hazardous Waste Management & Disposal Facilities in Gujarat. Presently SEPPL is successfully operating a secured landfill facility with Incineration at Kutch & and an Incineration Common Incineration Facility at Dahej.

The company is backed by a very strong technical, legal and adminsitrative team comprising of Engineers, Chartered Accountants, Administrators, etc.

Over 2000 member industries are benefitted by our services with Waste Disposal Technologies like Co-incineration & Co-processing, Direct Lanfilling, Lanfilling After Treatment, Incineration, Solidification & Stabilization, Forced Evaporation and many more. 


  • Conceptualizing, Turnkey Execution and O&M of Industrial Hazardous Waste Management Facilities.

  • Provide uniform quality of feed for Co-incineration and Co-processing.

  • Hazardous Waste Profiling.

  • Hazardous Waste Collection, Transfer and Transportation.

  • Treatment, Incineration, Recovery and Disposal of Hazardous Waste.

  • Design, Execution & Operation of :

    • TSDF Sites

    • Incinerators

    • Spray Dryers Systems

    • Multi Effect Evaporators 

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